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Kayak rental @ Newport Aquatic Center

Monday, March 1
1 Whitecliffs Drive Newport Beach, California 92660
Suitable for ages 7 to 17


One of the best ways to appreciate Upper Newport Bay is to get out on the water, experience the tranquility and see pelicans, terns and egrets flying by you. And if your eyes are quick, catch a glimpse of mullet jumping out of the water. Kayaking or canoeing in the Newport Beach Back Bay is fun and easy. Rent a Kayak and explore at your own pace! • All Kayaks & SUPs are first come first serve. • There are NO Reservations or Group Rates. • Each person must sign a Release of Liability waiver and leave a Current valid Driver’s License. • Life Jackets required to be worn by everyone on kayaks and on SUP’s (14-17 yrs) • Anyone under 18 yrs must have someone 18 yrs or older on the water with them. • Fishing is not allowed on any of our Boats or SUP’s.
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1 Whitecliffs Drive Newport Beach, California 92660
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