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Over 40,000 Orange County parents visit PlanADayOut.com each month as a first step to plan their outings and activities. For our advertisers, PlanADayOut.com, offers direct, targeted access to OC parents looking for family-friendly activities and services. Join the local businesses who agree that PlanADayOut.com offers a cost-effective way to reach their target market!

Advertising Opportunities

Monthly Banner Advertising

Banner ads will get you the most eyeballs on your ad since it will be visible from EVERY page of our site. On average our ads get 70,000 impressions per month reaching 220,000 impressions during the summer months.

We feature our banner ads primarily above the fold, and perform regular ad rotation to ensure our advertisers are all front-and-center. Our high profile ad placement ensures your messaging reaches your OC family target!

Birthday Party Directory

Our birthday party directory is an online resource to help parents locate businesses that provide birthday parties for children and families in Orange County. By joining our directory, you will be visible to thousands of Orange County parents who are actively searching for the best birthday party venue or entertainer for their children.

Do you know that we rank in the top organic positions for the term “Birthday Parties in Orange County” in Google? So parents searching for birthday party ideas in Google will easily find our birthday party directory…and you! Don’t miss out, make sure your birthday party services are listed on PlanADayOut!

Audience Metrics

  • Monthly Page Views: 90,000-220,000
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 30,000-59,000
  • Monthly Sessions: 30,000-120,000
  • Facebook fans: 20,000+
  • Blog subscribers: 2,000+
  • Extremely Engaged Audience: over 50% of visitors average 5+ pages per visit and 8+ minute time on site
  • Google rank: #1 for most OC family outing and birthday party terms
  • PlanADayOut placed number one in the Top 25 SoCal Moms
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